After Graduating from SUNY Albany with a B.A., I spent two years as a New York City public school teacher in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn, and the South Bronx.  During this time, I learned many invaluable life lessons by my students, colleagues and parents.  I discovered that my favorite part of the job was the counseling and mentoring that inevitably happens with students when you teach.  It was at this time that I decided to change course and pursue my Masters in Social Work.

I attended the Hunter College School of Social Work in New York City, and began my career as an MSW.  My MSW program internships placed me at an alternative high school on the Lower East Side of Manhattan serving a Chinese-immigrant population, and at Mt Sinai Medical Center, primarily in their Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Upon graduation from Hunter, I accepted a position at the Center Against Domestic Violence in their Relationship Abuse Prevention Program (RAPP).  I worked with adolescents and their families helping to educate and treat victims of domestic violence.  During this time, I also worked part-time as an intake therapist at the Washington Square Institute, honing my skills as a diagnostician.

In 2003, I made another professional change, and began working for Brooklyn Center for Psychotherapy.  For almost a decade, I coordinated a satellite mental health clinic at Middle School 61 located in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn.  This challenging position afforded me the opportunity to sharpen my clinical skills while helping inner-city kids and their families.  I was also able to develop a digital storytelling program at MS 61 with the students, and proudly served as the faculty in charge.

During this time, I received my certification in EMDR Parts I & II, having been taught by Laurel Parnell, and continued to focus on trauma recovery as a specialization.  I continue to study EMDR, and trauma in general, and I receive professional supervision from Ruth Ehrenkranz, LCSW.

My experience with EMDR has opened doors to other modes of practice including cognitive behavioral therapy, attachment therapy, neurology, energy medicine, expressive arts therapies, evolutionary biology/mind, and ultimately a deeper understanding of psychodynamics.

In 2010, I opened up my private practice in Manhattan.  This allowed me to fully coalesce and express my experience working with adults and adolescents in a therapeutic setting.

In November of 2012, I began a collaboration with the New York City news website, to be a special contributor on Mental Health issues.  I am honored to be writing about important topics to a wide audience.

Professional Biography